Sean Simpson

Erfinden Industries is the type of business that you can rest assured in, that your vehicle will be returned to you in brand new condition in comparison to the condition it was in when you dropped it off.   I’ve had countless experiences with Alekos & the team at Erfinden Industries that confirm this relating to my 1986 BMW 325es M50 swapped e30 (Erfinden Industries build), 1989 BMW 535i e34, 1990 Mercedes 190e and my former 2009 BMW 335i.  Whatever the plan is or what work needs to be done, they’ve always worked with me on the delivery of my vehicles from Dallas to their shop and even in an emergency situation, Alekos actually traveled all the way to Dallas during the Christmas Holiday to work on my car out in 25 degree weather to save me!  Erfinden Industries is meticulous in the services they offer and the work they do which further confirms the value behind their name as evidence of the great pride they place in the quality of their work.  These reasons, among many others as it relates to the exceptional customer service and quality of work provided, are why I travel 4 hours one-way to have my vehicles modified/serviced/engine swapped/turbocharged/etc by Erfinden Industries!  Highly recommend having a conversation with these guys concerning any ideas/plans you have for your rides to learn of the true capabilities that Alekos and staff possess to turn your ideas into fruition 👍